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Barbalala - The dreamy musician ★free pattern★

Yarn:  Müller Steinbach Julia, 1x 50g Green
            a bit of Yellow and Pink for the flowers
            a bit of light yellow for the flute Hook Size: Nr. 3
Abbrevations (US Terms) V: increase (The letter V looks like the crochet symbol for increasing!) A: decrease (The letter A nearly looks like the crochet symbol for decreasing!) x6: repeat 6 times ch: chain ss: slip stitch sc: single crochet
Notes "Crochet in continuous spiral rounds. "Use the invisible decrease (only the front loops of both stitches). "I always split my increases and decreases. If there is an even number of stitches between the increases or decreases, for example (14, V) x6, - work 7, V, (14, V) x5, 7 instead. Rows with an odd number of stitches between increases or decreases are worked as usual, for example (5, V) x6. "